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Do I Really NEED a Photographer AND a Videographer?

As you start looking at the costs associated with planning a wedding, you may start wondering if you actually need both a photographer and videographer for your big day. In many cases, a photographer seems to be the good enough choice as you will likely look at your wedding photos more than you go back and watch the video throughout the years. The truth is that if you can only afford one, the smart choice is going to be a photographer for most people.

Photographers are indeed a "must-have" for weddings. Pictures are truly worth a thousand words and there's something magical about a perfectly captured photo that cannot be duplicated. However, videographers should be a priority as well. Here's why. There are many things a photo cannot catch. Although it can capture a smile, the sound of laughter will be missing. It also cannot capture the music from the first dance nor the speeches during your wedding toast. These are magical moments that should be captured with the right equipment. An experienced videographer will help preserve these memories for you.

Wedding videographers should especially be considered in the case that you each decide to write your own vows. This is a special moment that should be preserved with clear video and great audio. There will be times in the future when it will be a blessing to remind one another of the promises you made to each other on that day. If you have any "surprises" in store for the day, you probably also want a videographer to catch these moments remember the reaction of your spouse when they saw it.

There are many options for reducing costs when you decide to choose both a photographer and videographer. I will discuss some of these in an upcoming post.

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