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Should You Livestream the Event?

We live in an exciting time where the internet has made it possible to be virtually anywhere on the globe. In the past two years, this has become even more evident as the necessity for remote collaboration and participation has been heightened. As we continue to navigate this changing landscape, interest in livestreaming weddings and other events has also risen. It has indeed become a mainstream and widely sought after feature for a wedding package.

As a videographer, I often get asked about the ability to livestream an event and what the added cost would be for this service. While I have the ability to do this, there are simple and cost-effective solutions for setting this up on your own. Here I will list some easy options that will help you decide if a livestream is right for you and how you can go about setting it up on your own.

The first option is to use a smartphone. It is the easiest choice and something that just about everyone already has. To complete the setup, you can purchase a phone tripod on Amazon for as little as $20. You want to get one that has the ability to be used on a table and can extend to a good height that you can also use on the floor. This will give you flexibility on where to place it during the ceremony. You may also wish to purchase an external microphone for your phone that will pick up rich sound and reduce background noise. A wireless mic that can be clipped to the lapel of the groom is another great tool.

A more sophisticated option would be to use a computer and a camera with an HDMI output. This will potentially provide a better stream depending on the specs of the equipment being used. Hopefully, this equipment is something that you already own or can easily obtain. It may not worth the investment if you have to go out and purchase a camera and computer for the event. It would be easier to pay the videographer to handle it at this point.

The next step is to choose what app you would like to use to share your livestream. FaceTime, Facebook Live, Zoom, and Skype are some popular choices. You'll want to look into each of these options and consider which one is right for you. Some of them have limitations as to how long the stream can be or the number of people that can join. Some also have paid options that can unlock extra features that you may find useful. If you choose not to have a videographer, you also may want to look into how to save the video in order to watch and share later.

During the event, it will be in your best interest to assign someone to oversee the livestream. Simply hitting start and stop on the device is not always enough. You should have someone there that is observing the video and addressing any issues that arise. This can be a family member or guest that is willing to help out. Just make sure that it is someone who is comfortable enough with the technology being used and also able to interact and respond to the viewers online if necessary.

Finally, when you choose to set up your own livestream, do yourself a favor and ensure that you inform your photographer and videographer where your camera is setup. This will help them avoid dwelling in the line-of-vision and allows your virtual guests to catch all the moments. Also make sure to notify people of the ability to attend the ceremony virtually. It is not very useful to have a livestream if no one knows it is there.

I hope these tips help you in deciding if and how you want to livestream your wedding. Please reach out and contact me if you have any further questions. I'd love to help.

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