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#HashingItOut: Get a Hashtag for Your Wedding!

Technically, this doesn't deal with videography. But it does deal with social media, another passion of mine. As a social media manager, I assist with running the social profiles for my organization and am constantly following up on the latest trends. Hashtags are a popular tool on social networks. Creating a wedding hashtag is a fun, creative way to share the news of your special day. They have maintained a high level of popularity over the years and it's one thing you don't have to worry about paying for (unless you hire a professional hashtag writer).

So why should you get a hashtag? In this era of social media, you can expect that people will be taking photos and videos of your wedding and posting them to various social networks. Having a hashtag makes it easy for you to search for and collect these memories from sites like Facebook and Instagram. The hashtag may even encourage your guests to take pictures to share, helping you capture moments and memories that your photographer and videographer may have missed.

In getting started, there are no concrete rules for creating a hashtag, but you do want to make it memorable. The most popular approach is to begin with a name. Typically, it is either the couple's future last name or a combination of the first name. Another popular choice is to use the wedding date. Whatever you choose, make sure it is catchy and easy to remember. This will make it simple for guests to recall as they post pictures to social media. I also recommend capitalizing the letters of each word as this helps with reading and memorization.

Let's look at some examples. Let's say James and Alice are getting married on July 7 and will become Mr. and Mrs. Saunders. Some examples of simple and catchy hashtags include: #JamesAndAliceSayIDo #SaundersEverAfter #OverAndSaunders #AliceInSaunderland #JamesAndAliceTieTheKnot #AliceAndJamesJuly7. Some of these may seem cheesy, but they are fun and easy to remember.

If you're having trouble thinking of a hashtag, there are some tools available that can assist you. Online generators and professional writers can help, but before you turn to these options, utilize your network. Like every family or group of friends, you've likely got some very creative and clever minds in your circle. Reach out and ask them for ideas for hashtags.

Once you create the hashtag, you want to check to make sure it hasn't been used before. This is important because if people are looking for pictures from your wedding, you don't want them to be confused with someone else's. A simple search on social networks can show you what other posts, if any, are currently related to the hashtag. If there are none or maybe a few random pictures, it should be good to go.

Also, coming up with a hashtag as soon as possible means you can start using it earlier. This can help you capture, collect, and share moments before the wedding such as the the proposal, bridal shower, obtaining the license, and much more. It can also help friends and family follow along with your wedding journey.

There's really no downside to using a wedding hashtag. Using these tips should help you create one that's fun, memorable, and special to you. If you need any assistance with hashtags or have any questions about social media for weddings or other events, feel free to contact me and I will be happy to answer your questions. Happy Hashing!

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