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Getting the Best Value from Your Photographer and Videographer

Weddings are an exciting time and it can be easy to overspend more than you intended. You've probably decided that you would like to book a photographer and a videographer, but want to consider the costs. Here are a few tips if you're looking for ways to save on these essential services.

If you've already decided that you want to book a specific person for either your photography or videography needs, ask them if they have any recommendations for someone to provide the other service. Media professionals really appreciate referrals from one another and will often offer lower rates because of this. Another benefit is that these individuals are probably familiar with working together and can have great communication with one another, ensuring some beautiful photos and footage.

The second tip is to decide what is absolutely necessary to capture on video. Some couples are okay with simply having the ceremony captured by videographer. Others choose the ceremony and the reception only up to the cake cutting. Others want much more including preparations and sometimes the rehearsal dinner. This is a choice of personal taste and budget. Finding ways to reduce the time of the videographer and/or photographer on site will reduce overall costs.

Another approach is to simply ask if they would provide a discount. Some professionals may provide discounts for many reasons. For instance, ReelBlessed Videography offers a 10% discount to military and first responders. If you are the owner of a small business or can offer a beneficial service in exchange for a reduction in price, it is always worth asking. Finally, if you know of someone else that needs a photographer or videographer, ask the professional if they will offer a discount if you refer the other person to the professional and it results in a new booking. As I mentioned earlier, referrals are very valuable to us.

Also, understand that you often get what you pay for. A price that is too good to be true often is. Photography and videography projects often require at least as much time to complete away from the wedding as it does during the wedding. If you have a videographer onsite for seven hours, you can expect that they will be spending around twice as much time in front of a computer putting your project together. Promises of quick turnarounds and low prices may often result in a sacrifice of quality.

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