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The Wedding Highlight Video - Should You Get One?

So you've decided to use a videographer to capture your day. Many videographers offer highlight videos as an option for your wedding package. You may be looking at your budget and wondering if you should get one if you are already getting a full video of the ceremony and/or reception.

Here's why I personally love wedding highlight videos and why I think that everyone should have one. The fact is that most people outside of you and possibly your parents are not going to want to watch your full wedding ceremony, especially if they already sat through it once. There will also be times when you and your spouse may want to reminisce on the event, but not watch every detail.

This is why highlight videos are a great option and are increasingly becoming standard. They are much more viewer-friendly and more easily digestible in today's attention-starved world. It's an awesome way to relive and share the top moments from your wedding with people who were not able to be there.

So go ahead and say yes to the highlight video! Set to the right music and effects, it'll be one of your most treasured wedding day memoirs for years to come.

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